Remember the old saying "Time changes people"? Well, I want to find the person who coined that phrase and give him or her an award.

It's a given that people are going to change in some way or form; I'm not disputing that or trying to advocate against it. But man oh man, people take that changing thing to a whole new dramatic level. Those people are obviously the ones who changed for the worse, and desperately need to change for the better. I mean, come on: we all know that ONE person who changed into a person that we borderline hate at times. 

Hypothetically speaking, there's an old friend of yours that you knew since you were little. You grew up with that person, something happens (whatever that reason is), and you two don't see each other for what seems like years on end. Then, somewhere down the line, you two meet up. You guys catch up, and things seem to be picking up where they left off. Just as time goes on, and you start to think that the person you once knew was becoming even cooler and better than he/she originally was....

PLOT TWIST. That person goes completely the opposite way you thought, and now you hardly recognize the person. Okay, yes that happens a lot. But what happens when that change was so extreme, and the person insists that he/she is still the same? I'd go so much BS, it wouldn't even be funny. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I suppose I don't know certain people as well as I thought I did.

Or maybe this is all attributed to the fact that I'm not much of a people person. Regardless of whatever it is..

Pardon my indulgence.


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