Happy Saturday, peeps! Enjoying the weather? I know I am!!

As we speak, and as I type this, there are a bunch of kids playing around near my house. A headache waiting to happen? Of course. But still, pretty cool to see people enjoy the weather. Plus, they have ice cream....which I'm eating right now. No shame in that whatsoever.

But enough with that tangent. Lets be real: today is a beautiful day, and pretty much EVERYONE should be outside enjoying it. After all, mother nature is giving us a reprieve as far as rain is concerned (until tomorrow), so we have to get outside at some point! Me? I have a grad party to go to tonight, and personally I can't wait. Why? The person who the party is for is a dear friend of mine, and I'm gonna miss the dude when he's off to college. 

So why did I post this blog entry? Well, I did promise I would update frequently. So long story short: have fun today, be smart, and enjoy the weather however you (all while being smart, of course)!!

One more thing...pardon my indulgence.


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