If there's one word I've probably seen and heard being tossed around lately in the sports world, it's everyone's favorite-only-because-we-love-to-call-people-out-on-it word: bandwagon.

Oh, the bandwagon fans. One second they are completely indifferent and don't care about something, then the next second they're all goo-gaga (Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah.....see what I did there?) over it. Two significant aspects happened in the past two weeks have shown just how much people love to hate (sometimes) bandwagoners: the Miami Heat winning the championship, and the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. People are so quick to call out bandwagoners, but why not temporarily accept them?

Here's what I mean: everybody loves watching great things happen in front of their eyes. Whether it be live and in person, or if they're watching it from a television screen. If it is of remote interest to us, and if it does something great, we're going to cheer about it. My question is this: why can't everyone just appreciate the greatness that we're all (you know, if you like the team that wins even the slightest bit) witnessing? Sure, bandwagon fans can be annoying because some of them cheer more hardcore than the actual fans, but still. 

For instance, lets talk about the Miami Heat. There are Heat fans (which I can confidently say was one of the two first teams I watched growing up. You can guess the other.), Wade fans, LeBron fans, and fans who just want to see the Heat fail (more so LeBron, and don't even get me started on LeBron haters). The Heat just went to the NBA Finals for the 3rd straight year, and are now 2 for 3. LeBron had another monster season, including the postseason. Still, people want to hate finding the first thing that is even remotely close to what they feel is a valid reason to hold it against the Heat. Here's a suggestion (and I know there are a few of you haters reading, so look closely): LET. IT. GO. You ever hear the phrase "People fear what they can't understand, and hate what they can't conquer"? Oh, and another thing: these Heat haters bash the bandwagon fans, but yet they root for ANYONE who plays the Heat...even if it's the rival team of their own respective favorite teams.

Just drop the hate and let go of the fact that there are bandwagoners on both ends, and just appreciate the greatness that's happening.

And then there are the Blackhawks. All I saw on Facebook this week was "bandwagon this" or "bandwagon that." WHO FREAKING CARES?!?! Sure, if there are those bandwagon fans that are being beyond obnoxious, go right on ahead and call them out. But if you live in the Chicagoland area and like Chicago sports, the Hawks winning the Cup automatically gives you the right to cheer for them. Now, I'll admit that I never really started watching hockey 100% until the Hawks won in 2010, but I know for a fact that I'm not alone. How come we all can't be in one setting, regardless of the type of fan that certain people are, and rock out to some good ol' "Chelsea Dagger" while cheering on our champs?

Again, I know there are the annoying, obnoxious type of bandwagon fans, and I agree that they should settle down a bit. But hey, everyone wants to be a part of something great during a joyous time. Just let them, let all of us as fans, live in and celebrate the moment.

Don't hate, appreciate

Pardon my indulgence. 


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