Here's where you find out how much of a geek that I am, but it will all make sense.

About 6 years ago, I moved out of the City of Chicago to Elgin. I had no idea who people were, or how their personalities were either. It didn't take me long to find friends...people were attracted to the fact that I was a city kid. They were also probably shocked that I didn't talk or act like a thug, but that's besides the point....kind of.

But this is where the geek analogies come into play. Around 7th grade, I don't know what became of me, but I felt the need to do anything and everything it took to be liked. Even with friends that were my "true friends", I would always just play second fiddle when I had to. Did I ever want to be the leader? Nope.

Needless to say, that was my "Robin" stage. And I'm not talking about the kick-ass, "I-don't-need-Batman-to-bail-me-out" Robin. I was the corny catch phrase, sissy, "I-need-Batman-to-save-my-ass-right-NOW' Robin. Sure, I was able to hold my own when need be. But when I couldn't hold my own, I was nowhere near as prepared I was when I reached my "Batman" stage.

How'd that happen? Simple. I dedicated myself to get out of that 3 or 4 year rut that I was in, basically "rising from the darkness" ("The Dark Knight Rises", anyone?). Here's the English translation of that nerd-talk: I focused on myself, and how to make myself better. I tried to not worry so much about my surroundings, and not letting them affect who I was as a person. Long story short, I tried to focus on being happy, and not being who "they" wanted me to be. 

Okay, maybe my situation probably wasn't anything close to Batman and Robin, but it was the first analogy that came to mind. So I'm just gonna roll with it. But back to the story. I may still have my spells where I go from "Batman" to "Robin", but when that happens, I'm a more kick-ass version of Robin. With that in mind, you can only imagine how I am when I'm in my Batman stage.

Please excuse my inner geek coming out, 


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