So, I'm watching my recording of Numbers Never Lie (I know, shocker), more of my inner dorkiness came out.

They were starting to talk about LeBron James, and anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely IDOLIZE that man. Today's LeBron topic? His headband falling off last night, and him not caring. The question was whether or not it truly mattered to him that he played the most crucial moments of the game with his "40-year old man" hairline exposed (mind you, 'Bron is about 27 with THAT hairline. Cue the hairline jokes...they are never-ending!). That was when Jemele Hill said something that really caught my attention.

I can't remember what she said word for word, but it went something like this: "It was a good thing, because anyone who knows LeBron knows that he cares too much about his public perception, but we're seeing him overcome that." CARES TOO MUCH ABOUT HIS PUBLIC PERCEPTION, BUT IS OVERCOMING.

Soooo....what you're saying is that my role model and I have something in common?? I have something in common with LeBron James?!?! This is awesome! It's too awesome!!! It' being more of a dork than I already am when I'm watching that show.

But really though, it's time to get serious. Caring about how one views you is, as obvious by the example above, more common than you think. There's nothing wrong with it...we ALL have insecurities. Some have more than others, some have less, and then there are the rare ones who aren't very insecure at all. With insecurities, we have to manage them in some form of fashion, and it's how we manage those insecurities that show a person's inner strength. At some point, our insecurities will get the better of us. But the less frequent they do, the better. If you can learn to live with an insecurity of yours 100%, then you're mentally stronger than what you may already give yourself credit for.

Why did I post this? Hey, I did say you guys will find out more about how much of a dork that I am overtime. Plus, this gives me a perfect segway to say two things:
  1. Screw insecurities and anyone else who tries to capitalize off of them, and keep on pushin'.
  2. Go Heat, baby!!! Let's get us a Game 7!!!!!

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