How was everyone's July 4th? Hopefully no one got burned or did anything too stupid!

I don't know about you, but I love this time month: the 4th of July weekend. Not only is it awesome to sit around and stuff your face with food (and let me tell you, there's no food like the food on my Mom's side of the family on the 4th of the July), but then there's fireworks. Pretty rad, right? But really, it was cool this year more than anything because I got to see some family that I haven't seen in years. Now, grant it, I had absolutely NO IDEA who these people were at first, but then it finally dawned on me and that's when it became pretty cool.

Oh, and I'll be going to a lakehouse this weekend. A FRIGGIN' LAKEHOUSE!!

Going to the lakehouse not only gives me an opportunity to be around family and to hang out with my cousins, but it also offers something a lot more appealing: an escape. An escape from nonsense. An escape from annoyance (at least I think that's the case) and ignorance. An escape from this town...'nuff said. No offense to some you, but I need at least a day away from Elgin. 

There will probably still be some nagging, but hey, you take the good with the bad. Now, if only I could find a way to get Ariana Grande and/or Jennete McCurdy to go to the same place....

Happy 4th of July weekend, everybody!!

Pardon my indulgence.


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