They are some of my closest friends, and they mean a hell of a lot.

Through thick and thin, my friends always know how to have my back. Not just any friends, though. My true friends. Those who don't bail at the first sign of danger. Those who don't abandon ship when my confidence sinks. Those who aren't two-faced. Most importantly, those who stand with me and don't mind who I am. I can't tell you enough how much these people mean to me.

There was a situation that happened in the past few weeks. What that situation was, I won't disclose. I will, however, tell you how I felt during that duration: absolutely torn. Honestly, that was one moment where I was INCREDIBLY down on myself. But when you have a phenomenal inner circle that I'm fortunate enough to have, it makes things a bit easier. Grant it, they have to put up with me always pinning the blame on myself when I really shouldn't, but they stick around. 

Over the years, I've had "friends" that have gotten pretty close to becoming people I would essentially trust my life with. Boy, am I glad I realized who they really are! Let's be honest: why would ANYONE want a friend in their inner circle that talks crap behind your back and wants to start unneeded drama? Exactly. The fact of the matter is that, because of that very incident, I've never been so happy to have the group of close friends that I have. They mean a lot to me, and hopefully I'm held to the same regard to them.

La familia, clique, clan, friends, whatever one may call them. I refer to my best friends as a team. And I tell ya, I love my team.


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