First off, shout out to LeBron for winning his second straight title and shutting his haters ALL THE WAY DOWN saying, "I ain't got no worries." Also, shout out to him for being the reason why I'm blogging on this topic tonight: having no worries.

So...having no worries when it comes to haters. We all say it. We all say that we "don't care" about what people say, but deep down, we really do. It may not happen at that instant, a few hours down the road, or even a few days and/or potential weeks. At some point, however, it hits us. And when it hits us, we start to wonder if those words that were said hold some form of legitimate substance.

Mental toughness plays a role in whether or not one truly has "no worries". That, along with previous experiences and also character. If you're someone who folds easily under pressure and adversity, chances are you might have more than your fair share of worries when people talk. Of course, you can build up immunity to it all. That, in my opinion, makes ones' "no worries stance" a lot taller and tougher. When you finally say "Enough is enough" and just block out the negativity, that's when you TRULY know that you have no worries.

Key example: LeBron Raymone James

I feel that I'm making good progress on truly having no worries 100, but it's still a work in progress. Unitl , I suppose I can say "I ain't got no worries....most of the time".


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