So, I'm sitting here watching baseball, blogging, and listening to Frank Sinatra. Quite the combination, eh? The fact that I'm listening to some good ol' Sinatra reminds me of something: People really need to find other things to pick on me about other than my taste in music.

Yes, I'm a black boy from Chicago. Yes, I lived in a mostly black area. And yes, the same boy we're talking about happens to listen to virtually EVERY GENRE OF MUSIC ON THIS PLANET. What can I say? I love to break stereotypes. I guess it's just funny seeing people's reactions when I say something like, "I have to go to that John Mayer concert!" The funniest reactions? When I told someone that I listen to Michael Bublè.

And then there's the time when people found out I listen to country music. Their expressions were like, "What the HELL is this city boy doing listening to country?!" The moral of the story is this: you can't judge a book by its cover, and you can't apply a stereotype to everyone.

Also, people just have to deal with the fact that I'm not your average black boy from Chicago. Yeah, I'm cultured. Deal with it.

Pardon my indulgence.



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