While posting the last part of last night's post, a thought popped into my head.

Remember when I mentioned that people start to flock to you in huge numbers when you're at the top, or are on the cusp of doing great things? How many of those people can honestly say they've had more than one actual conversation with you? Wait, here's a better one for you. How many of those said "supporters" were supporting you when you were at your lowest? 

Exactly. Little to none.

From professional sports all the way down to the average Joe, people love you and want to be with you when you're doing great and could possibly benefit them. They love you when you're on top, and will do anything to be remotely associated with you. All of a sudden you have all kinds of "best friends" that you never even knew you had to begin with. But that's when you're successful.

When you fall, though, those same people leave just as fast as they arrived. Those same people that said that they've been "with you" or that they "know you" truly don't after all. You already know that by now, or at least I hope that you do. It just goes to show...if the public puts you on the pedestal, they can just as easily take you off of it. I guess that's why DJ Khaled made that song "No New Friends", huh? Also, I guess that should be the theme song of anyone who is becoming pretty success at a fast rate. Basically, if someone wants to truly say that they "know you", make sure that they "knew you".

As Drake said once in a song (and yes, I looked this up and he actually said it. Unlike those crappy pictures that just slap a quote on there and claim that Drake said it): "To say there is a know me, is to say there was a knew me."

Pardon my indulgence.


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