"I'd much rather be a quiet, humble and happy loser than a bragging, (and equally happy) egomaniac winner."
From the classroom to the workplace, playgrounds to professional basketball courts, and the internet to real life, braggers are everywhere. Everywhere.

Yes, we are all braggers at some point and in some form of fashion. Some do it rarely, some do it occasionally, some do it regularly, and some do it all...the damn....time! Now, if you can back it up, more power to you, and you (to a certain degree) have a right to talk yourself up. But this is where that "certain degree" comes into play. People talk and brag and hype themselves up; that's a given, and you can't get rid of them. They're going to be a few of those in life. But there is a certain limit as to what that person to say.

There's a certain line that, regardless on how much one talks and brags, you should pretty much NEVER cross. And when that line is crossed, the talker starts to look downright pathetic.

Again, don't get me wrong, if you can back up what you brag about, then you have a right to talk. But once you start going too far and getting beyond personal, how does that make YOU look? To be honest, I don't care how smart one is, how good at a sport one is, or (and heaven forbid ANYONE brags about this) how many girls/boys one slept with. If that person who brags continues to breach ones' personal boundaries that hits close to home, that "right to talk" I mentioned earlier starts to fade away, and it fades fast. 

Everyone's personal boundary is subject to the type of person that they are. But there are universal boundaries that, regardless on what is being talked up, a bragger should never, ever infringe upon. Yet, there are those who do this without any form of remorse. Not going to lie, I was once a talking, bragging son-of-a-gun and I've also had my personal boundaries infringed upon, so I've been on both ends of the spectrum and can see both sides. But I've lived my whole life absolutely hating braggers, egomaniacs and all of the like (not to mention always HATING when I've been called an ego-maniac....biggest pet peeve. One of many, that is). Needless to say, if you brag and love to touch on topics that hit close to home for someone, calling you an "egomaniac" wouldn't be doing that term any form of justice.

I'd much rather be a quiet, humble and happy loser than a bragging, (and equally happy) egomaniac winner.

Pardon my indulgence. 


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