Welp, here we are Class of '14. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of our high school lives. The time where people have claimed is "among the best times of your life" will begin to come to a close. The last ride.

We've all grown up now. Most of you have known each other since Pre-K. In my case, I've only known most of you since 6th grade. Regardless, we've seen each other grow before our very eyes. Not one of us can say we are exactly the same as who we were last year, the year before that, and so forth. Man, to think that tomorrow officially kicks off the countdown to the end...it's surreal, awesome, and a bit scary.

Let's start with awesome. Now lets be honest: ALL of us want to get the heck out of Central as fast as possible. Don't act like you haven't at least once. ONCE. Plus, Central aside, all of us are close to freedom, in a way. Most of us begin to start living on our own, seeing new places, and meeting new people. Sure, it's a bit freaky, but I'm sure it'll be pretty damn sweet.

The surreal part is pretty self-explanatory. It's just crazy how fast high school has gone by, even though most of us (me included) have complained at least once about how slow it tends to feel. For a lot of us, this school year will be the last time we see certain people. That part will DEFINITELY be on my mind as this school year goes on. Each classmate, teacher, random annoying freshman, and certain things at Central that I take for granted as just an everyday sight....it won't be an everyday sight anymore. I'm starting to think that calling it surreal is becoming an understatement now.

Last, but not least, it's scary. It's scary for many of the reasons aforementioned. Plus, we really don't know where we are going at the end of high school. Sure, we all say we want to go to a certain college, but what if Plan A fails? What about Plan B? I'll admit, even though I have several backup plans, the fact that where I'm going is shrouded in uncertainty actually scares me. It's hitting me a little as write this, and may hit me more as time goes on.

Nevertheless, we made, fellow Seniors. The finish line, the end of the tunnel, or however you want to call it is now within sight. Here's to all of us making it a great year, however we decide to do that.

Pardon my indulgence.

Oh, and another thing for underclassmen: WE HAVE SENIORITY OVER YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!


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