Whether you're white, black, Asian, Hispanic, straight, Gay, purple, blue, WHATEVER.....if you live in this country legally, you are included when someone mentions the phrase "We the People." But honestly, do "we" really know who the "people" are?

Let me keep it real by stating the following: there are A LOT of ignorant people in this country, and in this world. Hell, you might be one of them! Oh, and by the way, if your reading this and you already don't like where I'm going with it, hit the giant "X" in the top right of your screen. Simple as that. With that said, time for me get to my point.

Lets start with Blacks, shall we? I don't need to tell you what we (and yes, I'm going to say "we" whenever I mention the community I'm a part of) have gone through in this country, and the hardships we faced then and still face now. And if you think that there isn't any form of racism in this country still, then you must really be looking through life with rose-colored glasses (though, I credit your optimism). For example, I've gone through so much regarding my skin color this year, it's a damn miracle I didn't completely break. But that's what "they" want, and by "they" I mean the ignorant, racist bastards of the world who like to say "If it ain't white, it ain't right." Those people want blacks to snap off, just so they can point the finger and say, "He/She is just a loose cannon ghetto [insert word here]." 

Let me sum that point up with this: whether you like it or not, the Black community is making progress in this world. Get with the program, and deal with it.

Now on to the biggest topic: gay rights. Again, everyone in this country knows what gays have gone though and what they still go through. Between name calling and just not being accepted for who they are, gays go through a lot. Why? Just like us, the general population who aren't gay, gays are also PEOPLE. You know, PEOPLE?? That word that some like to exclude others from? 

While I'm on that topic, let me just say this: despite what people say and think, I'm true and honest believer in gay rights. Yes, I'm guilty of dishing a few gay slurs here and there, but that was me being stupid and ignorant. We all have times where we might say something ignorant, but still. Homosexuals should NOT be denied their rights. You are who you are, and you love who you love. Who am I, who are we, to judge if someone wants to love someone of the same sex? 

Now, everyone has their reasons as to why they are anti-gay. If it's part of your religion, then you have the most legitimate reason, in my opinion, to disagree on gay rights. I can't judge you on that one, because it's who you are. Then there are those, however, who are so empty-minded and so ignorant towards the issue. There's a phrase that goes, "People fear what they don't understand." Sometimes fear turns to hatred, and if that's what is happening to those who vehemently hate gays (and it's not heavily focused on in your religion), then shame on YOU. 

Remember that phrase "We the People"? Well, you may hate it, but facts are facts: homosexuals, bisexuals, and others as well are included, and SHOULD BE INCLUDED, in that phrase. You may not believe it, nor want to believe it, but I have news for you. For everyone that doesn't support gays, there are a hell of a lot of people who do. 

For a country that holds people who are hardcore believers in the phrase "We the People", I have this question: do they really know who the "people" are?

Pardon my indulgence.


07/10/2013 12:38pm

Extremely well written!!


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