HA!! See what I did there? I crack myself up..

Anyways, I just learned something after watching the Heat absolutely thrash the Spurs after a game: the numbers (which said the Spurs, after winning Game 3, have a 93.8% chance of winning The Finals) don't exactly mean everything and anything sometimes. Me being a stat geek, and someone who admittedly gets a bit paranoid at times, that fact is sometimes hard to believe. But lets talk about things that aren't directly related to stats or percentages sports wise.

Picture a guy who's about 5'11 or so going up against a guy who is about 6'5. Whether it's basketball, football, boxing or whatever, odds are that if you take a random person off the streets, they're putting their money on the bigger guy. PLOT TWIST: the bigger, stronger guy gets his 6'5 arse kicked by the smaller  5'11 person. This is a case of two things: size isn't everything, and numbers sometimes lie.

Then there's a possible situation in a classroom: a nerd who's passed the past 10 tests, and a slacker who's failed the last 10. What happens on that 11th test? You guessed it, the complete opposite happened. Everyone had basically put their money on the guy who was a perfect 100% on the the past tests, and those same people (if they actually bet money) would've been paying up.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.......THE NUMBERS ACTUALLY LIED! NUMBERS LIE!!!!......sometimes.

Again, I'm a stat geek, so it's easy for me to get caught up in the numbers (the irony in this is that I'm not a math person at all). But in some form of way, numbers are involved on BOTH sides of the spectrum. Even if it's the most minuscule chance of happening, the numbers actually prove to be true even if the predicted result doesn't come to fruition. Is this a case of not doubting the underdog? Yes, but if you look closely it leads to the second case, which is the following (and as Michael Smith would say):

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left...and NUMBERS NEVER LIE!!!

Oh, and pardon my indulgence. 


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