Yes, I'm alive. Just had writers block, and nothing really popped up the past few weeks that would make for a good topic. Until now.

Remember that previous post I had a while ago where the topic was something along the lines of "people need to let things go"? Well, tonight I have a perfect example. A rumor was going around about me months (again, months) ago, and for whatever stupid reason, the person who started it put on a huge act throughout the duration of it. Ironically, the girl loves acting. So for a long while, people actually believed her and started to question my character and wonder if everything they knew about me was a lie. After awhile, people got to their senses and realized it was simply a rumor. 

Why do I bring this up? You guessed it; that person is back. 

I don't get people. Sure, I can slightly understand vendettas and everything. But what if the vendetta is false? Just a random excuse to make someone's life hell? It all goes to one thing that I think to myself when someone mentions her: "GET OVER IT!!" Hell, I've been over it for a while. But if you're going to want to open old wounds, don't expect me to take it lightly.

This is why I don't like people. Or just girls. Nope, it's definitely just people in general.

Pardon my indulgence.  


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