My apologies for not posting last night. A LOT went down yesterday, and it can only be described with the same word this post is titled as.


Lets start with the fact I was playing basketball yesterday, like any other day, and twisted my foot. Just a little sprain, right? Wrong. I'm on crutches right now. What's even more pathetic is that there were people laughing while I was obviously having trouble even getting up. Needless to say, I won't be playing basketball for a bit. Oh, and I hope karma gives those guys that laughed a swift kick in the arse.

But that was the "bad wow". Here comes two cases of "good wow".

My brother got his license! Yep, there's a new driver on the streets. Grant it, he drives a bit too aggressive (according to my parents), but hopefully that changes. But getting one's license is a milestone, and for that, I say, "Congrats, little bro!"

Last, but certainly not least, we have last night's Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which can also be described like this:


I've been on this earth 17 years, and so far that was the best Finals game I've seen. In a game where I lost my voice, probably screwed my foot up worse, went through several Heat shirts (superstition, I guess you can say), and watched my friends go from taunting me about the Heat to suddenly go mute, I can not tell you how happy I was. Game 7, y'all!!

Now, lets just hope I can actually post everyday again. Oh, and that I can put pressure on my foot soon.

Pardon my indulgence.



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