I'd like to think that this school year, I broke out of a shell that I've called home for about 6-7 years. For my friends, they finally saw the happier side they've been waiting to see. To others, it was a case of , "Where the hell did THAT come from??" Feels pretty damn good, I must admit.

And another thing I must admit: I plan on making sure this "happier Connor" sticks around for a little bit.

I'll be honest, being upset over everything eventually pissed me off. I know what you're thinking: "WHY DIDN'T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!?!?!" My answer to that is this: I got accustomed to being pissed off or sad. I really didn't even attempt to do anything I personally wanted to do, mostly because I didn't see a point. I honestly thought I was gonna be upset in some form of fashion, so I didn't even try.

Sure, it took me longer than people would've liked, but I finally told myself the words that my closest of friends probably deep down wanted to say: "WAKE UP!!" And did I ever come awake.

Perfect example of how I'm finally doing what I want to do? Read yesterday's blog entry. Hell, just take this entire website for example. I know that there are people who are probably getting tired of seeing me post this stuff of Facebook and Twitter. But for every person that hates it, there's a person who likes it. I will admit, I'll have my spells, but I'm doing a better job of keeping them in check. 

Long story short, I'm happy with finally being happy. Expect to see me capitalize on this more in the future. Why? I'll tell you why..



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