First off, allow me to point this out: it's about damn time I update this!! I know, peeps, it's been awhile. But I'm working on something special for you guys, so stay tuned..

And with that out the way, on to today's topic.

So today I was at the park just shooting some free throws, despite the heat, since it's been awhile. A few people I know also went to the park after awhile, so naturally we played a few games. But it's what was talked about after that is significant to me.

Without dropping names or saying everything that was said, I'll sum it up by saying it ended with talking about what we'd do around girls (vintage teenage boy conversation, I know). Whether or not we'd be talkative, joking around, slightly shy, or just straight up mute. Me? I've been all of them. More so the mute part, though. Most people are when you are initially around their crush, whether you're a guy or girl. More often than not, it's followed by remarks of, "Quit being a punk!"

Sure, it could be fear of screwing up. Yet, it's got to be somewhat understandable, right?

Picture it like this: you're in position to get a job. Not just a job, though. You're dream job, a job you would love to have. There you are, right before the interview, and you are as frozen as ice. Why? Infatuation leads to fear. When you love something so much, you become almost paranoid (in my opinion) that you'll screw up and watch it go away. Quite frankly, you want everything to occur as if it it's in a perfect scenario. Everything, I tell you.

Oh, and something else: you couldn't look me in the eye and tell me you wouldn't be nervous at all if your dream celebrity mate stared you right in the face. I dare you to, and honestly mean what you say.

Long story short, being crazy nervous (you know, stammering or even going mute) when around someone that you like A LOT is more understandable than people think. Like I said, infatuation leads to fear. That's not a bad thing, as long as you know how to keep it in check and not let it 100% consume you.

Pardon my indulgence.



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