Damn, man. God is SO good. So, so good.

Today wasn't really the greatest day at first. I'm still in the process of catching up with school work (I'm all good now), still feeling some effects from being sick over the weekend and the first half of this week, and was just overall sluggish today for the most part. Really, I was just going through the motions.

And then "it" happened. A couple of "its".

Let's start with the fact that a man who I've idolized since 3rd grade and is the reason I want to go to U of I so badlt tweeted me. Does Dee Brown ring a bell? If it does, you're probably like, "Why him? Especially when Deron Williams was on the same team that year?" Honestly, I can't remember exactly why I liked him slightly more than Deron, but that's besides the point. I'll attach a pic later. But still, that just about made my week.

Then lets move to practice for Oz. I'm now fortunate enough to be Uncle Henry for two of the four nights. For me, it's big. Am I nervous, having been given this part two weeks from the show? Hell yeah. But you know what, I'm determined to learn it. Plus, everyone on the cast is extremely helpful.

I say it again: God is good on making good days out of bad ones.

Pardon my indulgence.


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