There are a lot of things I find annoying in this world. One of them being fake friends.

I've been out here for a while now, and I can confidently say the following: Some people that I see are probably the most fake of them all, and not just to me. It's one thing to be a fake friend. It's another thing if you're being completely obvious with it even though you're trying to be discreet. I know, there are going to be a lot of fakers and friends who are just unreliable quite frankly. Still, those people never sit well with me, and I'll be shocked if I find someone who is fine with dealing with fakers.

I suppose what REALLY grinds my gears is the fact that, even though everyone and their grandma knows they aren't a true friend, they are so persistent to prove otherwise. Sure, that's probably the point, but lets be real: it's freaking annoying and a royal pain in the arse. I've had real friends, and I've had fake friends. The great thing about me having those fakers? I knew it right from the start. They weren't discreet at all. Hell, I know for a fact that I still have a few right now! How often do i socialize with them? Damn near never.

In short, allow me to quote a line from a Drake song: "Just holla if you got me, and skip you if you had me." He obviously didn't say "skip", but I'm trying to keep it as close to PG as possible.

Pardon my indulgence. 


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