I know I sound like an old man with that title, but hear me out.

The other day, I went to the park to play some basketball with friends. After about 5 games, one after the other (just for the record, my team won all but one of them), we just sat around and talked about random stuff. And THAT'S when we heard "it".

There were about 6 kids nearby, all of which were now in middle school. They looked like they were six rather than in the 6th grade, but I digress. Unfortunately, we (as in the guys I was with) all tuned into their conversation at the wrong time.

One of the little (emphasis on little) dudes, a black kid, said something about what a Polish girl of their same age said to all of us earlier (she ran around saying something...I don't know what that word was, nor how it's spelled or properly pronounced). That part of the convo went like this:

Kid: "You know what that girl said?"

Us: "No."

Kid: "It means 'dick'. I bet she'd like it if..."

I'm not going to go any further, because you get the idea. What I will say, though, is this: WHAT THE HELL?? WHERE WERE THIS KIDS PARENTS?!? HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S SIX, AND HE'S MAKING SEX JOKES?!?!?!

I'm damn near a grown-ass man, and even I don't talk like that! I mean, really! And that's not the first time I've heard little kids say things like this. I know I'm only 17 and still a kid myself, but even you guys have to admit that's, at the least, a little bit rediculous! Quite frankly, if I said ANYTHING like that at his age, my parents would've smacked me into the next century.

Pardon my indulgence.



06/07/2013 12:38pm

Yes, yes you would have been smacked into the next century.


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