Oh, the benefits of being in a Journalism class. That's pretty much the only reason I'm able to update this so early in the day. Speaking of which...holy crap, am I actually posting this at damn near 10 in the morning?!? I'm pretty sure this is a first.Anyways, on to the point. If anyone who reads this actually knows me, then you know how much I pretty much despise stuck-up, superficial people. They rank right up there with racists in the "Who does Connor hate the most" list.

We're surrounded by them. There are different levels of them. The overconfident ones, the "I won't shut up for the life of me" ones, and then the worse ones: the ignorant. They all do the same thing pretty much: making it a personal mission to make it known that they're way of life is better than yours.

I swear, they are all the same. Regardless on the type they are, they just won't shut up about themselves. Don't get me wrong, if you have a valid reason to talk, go for it.

But then there are those who are those who you just stare at blankly and say, "Yeah, and...?"

Long story short: JUST. SHUT. UP. Please???

Pardon my early morning indulgence.


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